Hospital In Spain


Benefits Of Being A Doctor In Spain

  • Trade order
  • Residence permit for one year after diploma verification;
  • Fixed salary
  • Possibility to work in other EU countries.

Despite the high unemployment rate worldwide, the medical profession is most in demand in Europe and especially in Spain. If you want, you can open your clinic or work for hire. However, when you decide to work as a doctor in Spain, it will open up new opportunities for you.

According to the current law, a foreign national with medical training and high experience as a doctor has the right to have his training certified in Spain. The title verification procedure in Spain has its characteristics and is carrie out in two stages: “Title verification” actually means the verification of the title (Homologación deTitle) and passing the MIR qualification exams.

If the candidate has not completed higher education but lacks professional experience, certification may only be possible upon admission to the final or final year of medical school.

Medical Degree Homologation Process In Spain

The candidate applies to the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science to confirm their eligibility. For the diploma, the specialty is indicated, great care should be taken, not primarily on the name, but on the training program. Since the final decision on the recognition of your degree will be made based on the suitability of the programs, we turn to Spanish universities to choose the discipline that is closest to your degree in terms of content and hours. be

The verification process can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.

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After receiving a positive decision at this stage, the candidate enters the special opposition MIR (introductory resident doctor), where it is necessary to register in advance, and the test is take in winter. The MIR is a state exam, administered as an exam in all areas of medicine, and consists of over two hundred questions that you answer in five hours.

The fate of your future career in Spain depends on the results of this test. If you get a high score, you may be offer a job immediately based on your qualifications. Of course, you don’t need to get a job unless the exam is distribut, you can find a job on your own. But in any case, to fully confirm the classification. You also have to do three years of additional practice in a medical institution. As a result, you get the official status of a doctor in Spain. Which can be transferr to status in another EU country after working in Spain for several years.

Possibility of obtaining a medical degree in Spain

Easy services

A consultation package for verification of doctor’s title. 1700 euros

The upfront payment is 200 euros, and the second payment after developing a business plan is 1,500 euros and includes advice on submitting documents. Instructions for filling in forms, payment of fees, and informational support for six months.

Service package (deposit for you by proxy + course registration) 3600 euros.

Installment payment: €200 – initial consultation, the second installment of €1,500 after choosing a training program. Including document collection and home implementation, the third installment of €1,500 after document collection and take home, including referral to a university or ministry. Final payment of EUR 400 upon receipt of the result, test preparation, registration for the course, and visa processing are includ.

The price includes all rights and legalization costs, sending documents, and translation of documents. And proxy work without the presence of the applicant. Please note that the costs of the legalization of the document are included in the amount of 700 euros. And any additional costs (in very rare cases) will be paid separately.

Additional services – paid separately:

  • Cost of Spanish lessons.
  • Choice of rent.
  • Enrollment of children in schools and kindergartens.

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