Working Principle of electronic air pressure regulator

If you want to know about electronic air pressure regulator then you are in the right place. In this article we are going to provide you with basic information about the modern electronic pressure regulators and whether you should use them or not! In this article we have also discussed the working principle and a brief process of its working. So without any delay let us discuss the topic in detail.

If you are new to the concept of air pressure regulators then the first thing you need to know is that electronic air pressure regulators are the devices which are used for reducing the pressure level of airs, gasses and even steam. The reason that these air pressure controller devices have become so much popular in the past years is because they can easily reduce high pressure into lower output without any loss which reduces the cost of pressure management and increases the safety of people involved in this job. 

You must also know that the modern air electro pneumatic regulator uses optimal pilot pressure which makes their performance even more reliable. Nowadays you can find different types of electronic air pressure regulators. Some of the famous ones have been listed below for your knowledge:

  1. Precision air pressure regulators are commonly used in the professional industries especially in medical. This is because they are both accurate and sensitive in their work.
  2. Next is the filter regulator which is basically used for vital air preparations. These kinds of electronic air pressure regulators are used in the automobile industry.
  3. The general purpose regulators are next in line. Now these are the ones which are used in large industries like packaging. 

Some of the common applications of the electronic pressure regulators have been discussed below:

  • These regulators can be used for directly controlling pressurized air and gases.
  • You can utilize them while operating small bore cylinders.
  • These regulators can also be used in medical and analytical applications.
  • They can also be used in leak testing in different industries.
  • And lastly the most common use of the electronic pressure control tools is in the bottle packaging industry.

Working of the electronic air pressure regulator!

As we have told you before, the main purpose of these regulators is the management of output pressure. The air pressure control valves can easily ensure even distribution of pressure even if the input pressure is not even/constant. The pressure controls are activated when the pressure is going from high to low. When you set the level of pressure, the regulator would simply give the set output and would store all the excessive pressure in order to make it even in case the input pressure becomes low. The pressure regulators use push valves and vents which ensures that the internal pressure doesn’t escape the tube/cylinder. The main principle of the regulator is to reduce and provide symmetry to the output pressure. Other than this major principle you should know that different types of electronic air pressure regulators have different working procedures!