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Yoga Mudras: Points to Know Practicing Them

Plenty of people come up and say – why don’t you start practicing yoga mudras? Well, that seems like good advice. However, it is not that simple. Before starting practicing yoga mudras, there are many things you should be aware of. So, this article covers numerous questions that beginner yoga practitioners must have answers to.

Hence, without beating the bush, have a straight look into it. Keep reading to know should or should not start practicing yoga mudras.

Yoga Mudras: Commonly Asked Questions

Can You Practice Yoga Mudra While Walking, Sitting, Lying Down, or Standing?

Yes! Yoga mudras can be practiced in any position you wish. The only thing you must keep in check is that your body should be relaxed and centered. You hold hand gestures while practicing yoga mudras. If you think you can do that in any position, you can go ahead.

What you can do is practice a particular yoga mudra for a specific thing. For instance, practice a yoga mudra for sleep while lying. Do other mudras accordingly.

How Long Will it Take to See Results?

If you are looking for a particular answer, there is no set duration for a yoga mudra to work. Even the slightest mood swing can impact the working of your yoga mudras. For immediate results, practicing meditation mudras could come in handy.

Usually, with consistent practice, you get tangible results in 4 weeks. However, going through some chronic pain, it might take longer. Hence, it all depends on how intense your practice is.

Can You Practice Daily? If Yes, How Many Yoga Mudras a Day?

Indeed! You can practice yoga mudras daily. Since it does not require any strict posture or routine it becomes feasible to do them anytime. However, that does not mean you keep transitioning between different yoga mudras. That won’t do any good.

You need to first set your intention. If you are not aware of that, you should join an RYT 200 certification course. That will help you select a yoga mudra to balance the respective elements inside your body.

Is There Any Specific Time to Practice Yoga Mudras?

Since there are no strict settings, routines, or props you need to follow, you can practice yoga mudras any time. This gives you the liberty to practice them even if you are stuck in traffic or watching TV. However, just make sure you are in constant touch with yourself and reflect on your attitude while practicing mudras.

Moreover, focus on how you breathe and stay calm throughout the practice. Learn to cut off from the world outside to connect within.

How Long to Hold a Yoga Mudra?

Great yoga masters advise you to practice a yoga mudra for at least 45 minutes. However, that does not mean you need to do that in a single sitting. Hence, you are free to break it into three 15 minute sessions. If possible, you should use a stopwatch to keep a record of time.

In case you are practicing a yoga mudra for a particular issue, you should stop practicing that yoga mudra once the symptoms are elevated. However, yoga masters claim that there is no set timing for yoga mudra practice. You are free to experiment with different yoga mudra at different times being.

Should You Practice Yoga Mudras After Eating?

Even though you are free to practice them any time you wish. Generally, it is advised that you should have a gap of at least 2 hours. That gives some rest to your digestive system. Moreover, it saves you from using more blood and energy that is otherwise used for better digestion.

Practicing yoga mudras after having a meal could disrupt the flow of your digestion. Hence, you must refrain from doing that.

Can Women Practice Yoga Mudras in Periods?

Indeed! Women can practice yoga mudras. However, you must know that not every yoga mudra is going to help you while you are having periods. In such a situation, you should practice the downward movement of energy.

In any case, make sure you place your hands in front of your navel. That helps better with cramps and energy flow.

Wrap Up

These are just a few questions that every beginner yoga mudra practitioner must be aware of. Otherwise, you might just waste your time and effort. So, it is always better to have deep knowledge before getting started with a yoga technique. You are always free to join an RYT 200 certification course to learn from yoga masters. Over time, you gain experience and knowledge to take your practice to the next level.